There’s a fraction of her heart that is now restricted, fenced. And that is because someone, somewhere from the forgotten time bruised it. But don’t take it subjectively, for beyond belief it tortured her that she was about to dismantle the memories. Though she didn’t. However, you ought to learn that she will not at all bargain that piece again…




I wish for once that you would glance into the corners
Surely you’d notice her there, distant and alone
Screened by the Cimmerian shade of a melancholy heart
And the shortness of her delicate, injured cheerfulness

She’s holding her favorite book so close to her nose
Her wild and imaginative head soars up to the vast space
Concealing her feelings from deep within, hooded
Far from the circle of multitudes, away from the crowds

Would you take a chance to sit by her secluded side?
When the universe conspires for you to catch a glimpse of her
She’d tell you a story, she’d reveal her desolation and agony
If you look thoroughly in her eyes, you’d notice her downfall

Would you be willing to give her a moment of earnest consolation?
Then you will unravel the reason behind her shy broken smile
She’s sad but a dreamer and she’ll let you in to her extraordinary world
And at least with your presence, her face will illuminate for a moment

But you don’t look into corners, you don’t even take a chance to glance
So she stayed behind, still waiting to be recognized only by you
She’s hoping that you’ll give her a chance even for a single second
But you never look into corners, and you never even take a chance to glance…